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Denise Abruscato
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    Distributed Deep Learning Jobs on Hadoop

    Atlanta AI Tech Talk Group

    This event is online, one of our weekly online AI tech talks series. You can listen, watch, Q&A with speakers from anywhere around the world. Miss the live session due to time zone or conflict? you can still sign up to watch session replay at any...

    Friday 5:00pm Pickup Soccer at Hammond Park

    ATL Pick-up Soccer - play for fun

    Hammond Park is free this Friday. So let's get a couple of hours of soccer in after work! Please bring both color and white shirts! Also, I do want to encourage you to keep the games at maximum 10 v 10 if possible - if a game is full and a lot of...

    Atlanta Reign vs New York Excelsior (Stage 2 Week 3) @ Battle & Brew

    Atlanta Royal Family - Atlanta Reign Meetups & Watch Parties

    Event Level: Gold - Gold Level Events are smaller meet-ups for fans with a reasonable commute and a few hours of free time. - Gold Level Events are free (no paid ticket required). - Gold Level Event Example: A few members of the Atlanta Royal...

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    The Seller’s Market is our 2016 focus. Make sure you take pictures of your home year round to capture views with our without outside trees and leaves. Year round views allows buyers to see the home in best times.

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